District Procedure Guide

District 18 Procedure Guide
A. The District Committee shall consist of one District Committee Member (D.C.M.), one Alternate District Committee Member, District Secretary, District Treasurer, General Service Representatives (G.S.R.’s) from each group in the district and wherever possible the Chairpersons of Standing Committees.

B. The Standing Committee Chairpersons may be appointed by the DCM, or qualified individuals may volunteer for the positions, subject to voted approval by The District Committee.

C. The District Committee meets monthly at a time and place agreed upon at the end of each district meeting.

D. Every GSR (or in that person’s absence, the Alternate GSR) will be a voting member of the Area Assembly. Each AA group in the district should elect a GSR and Alternate GSR from its membership to a term of service for 2 years. The term of service shall begin on December 1 of the respective election year and run concurrently with the term of the DCM of the district. District elections are held every even-numbered year.

E. Elections shall be conducted in accordance with the Third Legacy procedures contained in the AA Service Manual.

F. Every DCM will be a voting member of the Area Committee. The GSRs should elect the DCM and an Alternate DCM following the Fall Area Voting Assembly. The DCM is usually elected from the immediate past GSRs. The entire District Committee is eligible to  vote for the new DCM. It is up to the District Committee to decide who is eligible to vote. The District Committee should define who is eligible to vote prior to the election. The term of service shall be 2 years beginning on December 1 of the year elected.

G. The District Committee will notify in writing the Area Chairperson and the Area Records
Coordinator of the name, address and phone number of the new DCM, Alternate DCM, GSRs and Alternate GSRs.

H. The District Committee for District 18 shall consist of the following elected positions:
DCM, Alternate DCM, Secretary and Treasurer. TO be qualified to run for any of these elected positions, the member must have 2 years of continuous sobriety. GSRs are  elected at the group level and the groups will decide any requirements needed to hold the position. Standing Committee Chairpersons consist of the following positions: Archives, Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC), Treatment, Public Information (PI), Corrections, Webmaster, Bridging the Gap (BTG), Grapevine which each require one year of continuous sobriety.

I. All district-related communications via email between District Committee members are to be cc-ed (not bcc-ed). Items going to the groups are to be cut-and-pasted into a new email, not forwarded. Emails are for information and discussion only; voting is conducted at District meetings.

J. District pays $10 for room rent to groups hosting District Committee meetings.

K. The DCM is reimbursed for actual gas, food and lodging expenses for  assembly attendance up to $350. If expenses exceed $350, District Committee may vote for additional reimbursement. Funds may be advanced to the DCM if necessary.

L. A new meeting will be placed on the district regular meeting schedule and website after it has been established and the group GSR contacts the District Webmaster with a request to be put on the schedule . New meetings should be reported to the District  Webmaster, who adds it to the schedule and informs Central Office, who adds it to their website as well.